How We Do What We Do

dreamstime_xl_46728786Securitisation is a well established method of accessing low-cost wholesale funding.

This is done by pooling groups of residential home loans together, and using them as security for investments bonds issued to institutional investors. These are known as Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS).

This process enables Mortgage Managers, like Mortgage Ezy since 2001 to access lower cost funding lines for residential home loans enabling us to  access funding lines previously only available to Banks and large Corporate firms; however, as a more nimble business with significantly lower costs, this translates directly to lower rates and enhanced solution features for our Clients.

Mortgage Ezy’s funding is powered by wholesale providers such as Adelaide Bank, ING and in 2014 has created the Mortgage Ezy Programme incorporating a hybrid loan in partnership with Origin Mortgage Management Services Ltd to provide secure, low cost, fully featured funding for Housing only distributed through a Select Group of Intermediaries. Origin was previously 100% owned by the ANZ Bank and was purchased in September 2012 from a joint venture arrangement between its Australian Directors and one of Asia’s largest life assurance companies, Malaysian Assurance Alliance (MAAH).

This strategic partnership combines over 50 years of experience in Australian financial markets with the global resources of a major financial institution.

Australian securitisation is used as an integral Funding method by Banks and Non Banks alike with issuances increasing from $2 billion p.a  in 1995 to $28 billion p.a currently. Securitisation has become a major part of capital markets around the world and Australian securitisation products have a strong reputation and performance in the global space.

Mortgage Ezy has 20 years of vital experience in this space with the on-going accolades to prove it. We have continued to deliver access to highly competitive loan products for our Business Partners since 2001 and are committed to continue to provide fully featured housing loans combined with an individualised service proposition delivered at the lowest cost possible.

Our belief is people want to treated as individuals not just numbers and we provide real choice for Borrowers to vote with their feet