Empowering Futures:
Celebrating Success and Welcoming New Beginnings


Over the past four years, Mezy has been on a journey of empowerment, investing in the education and future of bright young minds in Kenya. Today, we stand proud as we witness the fruition of our commitment as our sponsored high school students have successfully completed their education and excelled in the national exams. Their achievements stand as a testament to the power of education and the transformative impact of support and opportunity.

Celebrating Success

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to each of our sponsored students for their outstanding performance in the national exams. Their dedication, hard work, and resilience have not only earned them remarkable grades but have also positioned them as beacons of inspiration within their communities. Their success not only reflects their individual efforts but also the collective support of Mezy and the belief in their potential.

Scholarship Mezy

Acknowledging Achievement

As we celebrate the achievements of our graduating students, we also recognise the invaluable role played by their teachers, families, and communities in nurturing their academic journey. It is through collaborative efforts and shared commitment that these students have been able to overcome challenges and reach new heights of excellence.

Our graduated students

These students successfully completed their semesters and exams, and graduated with joy in their lives. Let’s meet our graduated students.

The Ongoing Students

In addition to celebrating the achievements of our graduating cohort and welcoming new students into our program, we are also proud to acknowledge the continued success of our ongoing students across different classes. These students, ranging from various grade levels, continue to demonstrate remarkable dedication to their studies and exhibit a thirst for knowledge that knows no bounds. Each of our ongoing students is a testament to the transformative power of education. We remain fully committed to supporting their academic journey and providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to reach their full potential. As they continue to progress through their respective classes, we are confident that they will continue to shine bright and serve as inspiring role models for their peers and future generations to come.

Welcoming New Beginnings

As we bid farewell to our graduating cohort, we are thrilled to embark on a new chapter of empowerment by welcoming a fresh batch of three students into our sponsorship program. These students, with dreams as vast as the African horizon, represent the promise of tomorrow. We are committed to providing them with the support, resources, and guidance they need to pursue their aspirations and unlock their full potential.

Continued Impact

At Mezy we remain steadfast in our mission to empower the youth of Kenya through education. We believe that every child deserves access to quality education and the opportunity to build a brighter future. Through our ongoing efforts, we aim to continue making a meaningful difference in the lives of students and communities across the region.


As we reflect on the past four years and look towards the future, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be agents of change and catalysts for progress. To our graduating students, congratulations on your achievements. Your journey does not end here but rather marks the beginning of new possibilities. And to our new cohort, welcome aboard. May your journey be filled with endless opportunities and boundless success. Together, let us continue to empower futures and build a world where every child can thrive.