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“My kind-hearted friend Niki is in dire need of help, and FAST.
Niki has a brain aneurysm which requires surgery(craniotomy) in a matter of weeks. Already struggling with day to day tasks due to various health issues including MS, endometriosis, spondylitis, anxiety and fatigue.  Niki is a single mother of a 9 yr old girl who with ADHD and sits on the spectrum. Due to the aneurysm and allergies to medications, all previous treatments have been placed on hold. The surgery was supposed to happen last year but due to the death of her mother and lack of capacity to find adequate support Niki delayed the surgery which she can no long do.

Niki applied to NDIS and self-referred to access any potential supports and after months of waiting and 100s of phone calls the best offer of support was 10 hours respite post-surgery, which just isn’t enough. The other constant recommendation is foster care, this seems unfathomable to a mother who has worked so hard to ensure she can care for her daughter and support her additional needs. It also couldn’t be at a worse time for a 9 year old girl who needs to be with her mother whilst still grieving the loss of her grandmother.  Due to these pressure Niki has become quite isolated and does not have the family and friends to support her and her daughter during this time.

Niki is not going to be able to drive for 3-6 months post surgery and will be severely affected by the op in terms of mobility.  You can just imagine the stress of all of this, and being told the only support she can access is 10 hrs of respite for her daughter and that she should just put her in foster care! Her mother passed away last year and her father lives overseas and doesn’t have the funds to come to Australia to help so Niki doesn’t not have the sort of support system to help her through this stressful time.

The adjusting to present  fatigue, constant and unpredictable pain, wavering cognitive and executive function that is expected to be considering worse post surgery, grief, along with raising a daughter with extra support requirements is enough surely. Let alone having to navigate endless services and lack of support or worse case scenario see her daughter got to foster care.

Niki is on a wait list for surgery and has been told it will be this month so needs funds to help her cover post surgery costs as well as costs associated with her daughter, such a taxi vouchers to get her to and from school and doctors/specialist appointments – $30 + a day

Please donate what you can to help Niki who, after dozens upon dozens of stressful phone calls, has not been able to access any safety net to help her get through this financially and emotionally demanding time.”
My dear friend helped me set this up and write my story but in my name so I can manage it.
Go fund me has asked for me to give some clarity to location and intended use of funds. From my understanding my friend has done so but here it is. I am currently based in Geelong.
The funds recieved will assist most importantly in mobility based assitance as I struggle to walk presently. And soon won’t have a licence. The estimated cost is below although I am searching for alternatives that are more cost effective.
Secondly care and respite to help through the worst of my recovery with my daughter.
Third is modifications like rails and assisted walking frames and a shower chair. For mobilising around the home.
Finally is a new computer that has a large screen due to vision issues, this allows for online grocery shopping, communicating with the outside world and hopefully trying to get back to working and designing poat surgery to maintain independence and self esteem.

Funds are needed for the following items:-

Alternatively if you have any of these items to donate please let us know and we can arrange pick up.

Light weight Mobility Scooter $4,475

To allow Niki to access shops, get her daughter to and from school, medication and specialist appointments. Post Surgery driving is not permitted for 3 to 6 months

Safety rails around house and other modification $970

Other Mobility and functionality supports $2500

(eg trolleys etc to avoid heavy lifting as post-surgery weight recommendations are 2 to 3 kilograms for the first 3 to 6 months)

Computer with capacity to run Adobe Creative Suite $1900

To maintain independence, work towards managing a home based business,  avoid isolation and continue to work with both graphic design, art and writing. Due to issues with sight and cognitive processes there are multiple requirements regarding size and software capacity to use both voice to text and video options with a large screen.

(Niki currently does not have working laptop or internet accessible home computer creating issues with accessing emails, social media etc. Having mobility issues means she is currently isolated from attending social situations etc)

Carer for daughter $4,000 approximately more or less depending on post surgery requirements.