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As i sit and write this in tears seeing my dad so sick in hospital unable to talk and comprehend and not understand whats going on to and around him on the 26th of May we called an ambulance thinking my dad had a stroke unable to speak or understand what was happening and whats going on around him. As he was rushed to Frankston hospital to then be rushed to the Alfred hospital they found my dad had an infection in his brain and a fear he would say that way for eva they rushed him in for brain surgery. He was recovering really well then it all happened again and there’s a 1 in 3 chance this can happen again he can’t talk or communicate with us can’t even say our names. And now they said they think he has bowel cancer because of a huge lump in his belly but can’t do a colonoscopy because my dads to unwell to have it done. As you all know my dad works for himself and the bills keep coming in my dad won’t work again and now is in need of 24hr care from my mum i am asking for help for my parents as you know a girls father is the world and the strongest man in her life seeing my dad like this is just heart breaking not knowing if he recognizes me and my kids. All us 5 kids (my brothers and sister) are doing the best we can to help out and are now asking for help to help my dad out at the hardest time in his life.

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