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As a few people are now aware

Robin experienced a real freaky accident on Sunday 13th August 2017.

Robins eye has been ruptured and she has had one operation already which required 32 stitches to the left eyeball and 12 to her eyelid.
The extent of the damage is unknown to date but we are aware that it’s very severe and as it is now the eye will be lost without operations, we have seen local specialists and there skill level is not at the required level to fix the eye. However we have found a top surgeon in Sydney willing to do the operations and try bring back sight.
They are willing to do anything and everything possible to help.
We won’t give up hope as Robin At this stage can still see light and silhouette shadows.
We are aware it’s going to be a long road to recovery and multiple surgeries and ops but I’ll give anything to have the best doctors and treatment available to her.
And we would like to do everything possible.
During this process I am going to have to be at home to help with our children while Robin is on the mend.
We send our love and wishes for your kindness in advance…..