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Hi, I’m Samantha and I’m trying to raise money for our 2.5yr old son to have much needed surgery.
I have never asked for help before but I will do anything to help our son Furyin.

Furyin is in desperate need of surgery to get grommets in his ears as he has hearing loss due to glue ear which is causing massive delays in his speech and behaviour. At almost 3yrs of age Furyin speaks very limited words and it’s upsetting seeing him frustrated/angry daily as he struggles to communicate. His behaviour has been affected as when he is well he has 30% hearing loss however, when he is sick he is completely deaf in his left ear so he can’t always hear us teaching and communicating with him. The ENT explained his hearing today as trying to hear someone talking while your underwater. Furyin also needs his Tonsils and Adenoids removed as they are extremely large and causes him to stop breathing in his sleep. It is very scary as a parent to hear this, as you can imagine, due to blocking his airway.

We have been struggling through the public system for almost a year now and after finally getting a referral to the children’s hospital to see a specialist, we thought this would be a high priority due to the development impacts and sleeping/breathing issues. Unfortunately we were very wrong and were told that it will be a minimum 12 month on a waiting list before they will even see him.

We have no option, we have to go down the Private ENT sector to ensure Furyin gets the care he deserves and requires immediately.
We were fortunate enough that a private specialist was able to see Furyin yesterday and he can do the surgery within the next 2 weeks however it’s going to cost $3500.
– $1800 for Hospital Bed
– $1140 for Surgen Fee
– $600 for Anaesthetist

We will do anything for Furyin, even ask for help to get this surgery done. With the expense of Christmas, my own costly treatments/medications due to being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, paediatric appointments and other expenses for Furyin as we have concerns of ASD and everyday bills we are struggling to come up with the money for Furyin’s surgery.

This is where I’m asking for everyone’s help and support.
If you could support Furyin’s GoFundMe by making a donation and sharing it with your network, I would greatly appreciate it. I know that money can be tight, so please know that even $2 helps us get closer to our goal! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and helping in any possible way.

The Allen Family