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This crowd funding campaign was created by the friends of Melinda Ferszt with the goal of providing practical support to meet the challenges which lie ahead of Melinda and her family.

As you can see from these photos Melinda is a beautiful, vibrant young woman but she has recently been diagnosed with cancer with a very poor prognosis.  She hasn’t been desperately ill for a long time, so this diagnosis has come as a shock and shaken us all to our core.  The doctors have essentially thrown their hands in the air and said there is nothing they can do so she and we (her friends and family) are devastated – but determined to do everything we can to support Melinda through this.

Let me tell you a little about Melinda.  She is a loving wife and mother to 2 beautiful little girls.  She is a devoted daughter, sister and aunt.  She is a loyal and dependable friend.   She is a diligent and supportive colleague who works tirelessly in support of children’s charities.  She is a kind and generous soul who never fails to enquire after others, even when she is facing her own challenges.  Melinda is one of those people who brightens the day of everyone she encounters with her warm and gentle manner.  She issolid gold.

The doctors say there is nothing to be done but that doesn’t mean we do nothing.  Melinda and her adoring husband Mark are looking at every possible treatment which might buy her time with her beloved daughters who are only 4 and 8 years old and who need their mummy.   Most of the therapies given to people in Melinda’s position are not covered under the national health service and they are all very costly.

Friends and colleagues have asked how they can help, and this is it.  What we are asking via this platform is for people to give what they can and share this post as far and wide as possible to help Melinda and Mark meet the medical bills which are coming and alleviate some of the stress, so they can spend their time and energy together with their girls.

Time is of the essence so please help NOW!