Click Here to Help the Mulholland Family

Zander Mulholland is a beautiful, cheeky and loving 9 year old boy, son to Shannon and Juanita, who absolutely adores his little sister  Amelia,  like most 9 year old boys he enjoys mucking around with his mates, camping, gaming, Pokemon and Of cause Star Wars!

On Saturday 4th March, whilst enjoying a family morning at home, Zander suffered a medical episode and was rushed to hospital, it was there doctors confirmed that Zander had suffered a stroke,  a very rare occurrence in children, which has left Zander with very limited movement and communication ability.

Those who know this beautiful family will know that with their strength and determination, together with the help of a rehabilitation program, they will get Zander back doing the things he loves.

This is however is not something that will happen over night, this will be a long term process, we can all do our bit to help, messages of support, meals, helping out around the house.

However, Zanders family home will need to be renovated, his needs will require their bathroom to be modified, the entry to their home will need ramps installed, his bedroom will require fitting out with equipment to make it easier to move Zander around, mobility wise a wheel chair and modifications to the family car may need to be made, Zander will also require a full time carer, reducing the family to one income.

Lets band together, put in a few dollars each and remove the financial stress for Shannon and Juanita, so they can focus solely on getting Zander back to his cheeky self.