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Hello amazing people

I have been encouraged by some beautiful friends to set this page up to ask for help.

Its not something I do easily, putting myself out there and telling the world what is going on with me, at the moment and then asking for support in getting through it.

In January 2018, I was stopped in my tracks with a diagnosis of an aggressive and fast growing bladder cancer.  I was rushed into an operation early Feb and the results showed that the cancer had spread to my stomach. Stage 4 cancer.

Since then, I have had 5 rounds of aggressive chemo and I’m at a point where that treatment is not working as my body is not tolerating the chemo. The cancer is growing.

The next step is “self funded” immunotherapy which has to be started as soon as possible due to the aggressiveness of the cancer.   This is where we need the money to move forward.

If you feel you have the capacity to donate I will be truly grateful. Any amount will be appreciated more than you will ever know, no matter how small.

If there are any excess funds I will donate them to the hospital where I’m being treated in Sydney – The Chris O’Brian Life House – with a view that they will help relieve the financial pressures that cancer brings for other patients.

I have been inundated since January with love and prayers and beautiful wishes and offers of help. I am so grateful for all of it. My faith is strong and my trust in my current journey is also strong. If you read this and can send me a prayer and a healing wish I would also be eternally grateful.

To all who read this, love you all