Donation to Help Support Matt Noonan

As some of you know and those who don’t, Matt was diagnosed with bowel cancer just two weeks before Christmas in 2016. The size of the cancer was so concerning they rushed him into surgery and operated on him within days. The surgery was a success, however it wasn’t over there. Since January, Matt has undergone a lot of intense testing and unfortunately, just last week we received the devastating news, despite Matt’s age and previous good health, his primary cancer of the bowel had somehow found a way and metastasised into the liver and lymph nodes. This subsequently upgraded him to having Stage IV cancer and will need to start chemotherapy as soon as possible.

We have been told it is a very aggressive form of cancer so Matt will be unable to work for an extended period of time.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time, Matt is only 30 years young and has only gotten engaged to his beautiful fiancé Kate 6 months ago. They are now expecting their first baby in May.

Kate too has taken time away from work to help support Matt which is no doubt a financial strain. After feeling helpless in such a situation I suggested to set up this page, the humble pair were both reluctant to the idea at first but I know they will be appreciative of this.
Anyone who knows Matty will agree that he constantly makes people smile and laugh! But beyond that, he is always there for his family and friends and constantly putting others before himself.
Matt is tough, determined and a natural fighter, but he can’t do this alone. We all know this will be challenging and that is why I am asking you to support my brother and his soon to be family by making any financial contribution. Your generosity will help mitigate treatment costs, professional and medical bills as well as towards raising ‘Bubba Noonsie’ into a bright future, whilst serving as an enduring reminder for Matt that people near and far have him in their thoughts.

Please share this link so we can try relieve as much pressure as possible!