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My name is Lara and I’m 33 years old from the Adelaide Hills. I was a registered nurse before I was diagnosed with motor neurone disease also known as ALS back in September 2017, One week after my son had his first birthday.

I have a fast progressing familial form of MND which has taken the lives of four of my family members (none lasting more than 3 years) however I am the youngest by 20 years to be diagnosed with the disease. I have a wonderful husband and my son Thomas is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

As my disease progresses I’m finding it hard to do everyday tasks and even having a shower and dressing leaves me feeling like I have run a marathon.

Motor neurone disease is a neurological disease which affects the nerves that control muscles that enable us to move, breathe, speak and swallow. When the nerve cells (neurones) die, the muscles weaken and waste away. Leaving the person a prisoner inside their own body. There is no treatment or cure known for this disease at present and I am terminal.

The money donated will go towards expenses for leaving valuable memories behind for my family members, medical costs and equipment and a van for the electric wheelchair. I live in a remote area where it is difficult to access disability transport.

Thank you for reading my journey and thank you for your donations. I really appreciate your kindness, generosity and support