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So. It’s been a year seen Karen life changing horrid accident. She is totally amazing and has handled the monsterous charges in her life with incredible positivity.
However. She still can’t walk. The level of her injury is higher and more disabling than first thought.  That fact is, she needs more equipment than realised. Strength is a huge obstacle to over come. So. I already know so many of you have been incredibly kind and generous. I’m going to ask again. Karen needs a little hand maybe buying something electric to help her move around.  We are looking at an attachment that can covert her wheelchair into an electric bike/chair.
PLEASE HELP AGAIN. we know you love her as much as we do.

LAST DITCH EFFORT       $15 DRIVE We are asking for ANY amount to help our dear friend Karen. A riding accident has left her in ICU with a prognosis of not walking again.
We are only up for another WEEK. If we can have 200 people donate ONLY $15 each, we will reach our dream target. This will help Karen buy a new car that can be adapted for her injuries.
Go on……….you know you want to!!!

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