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Jodie was a teacher for 16 years, when in early 2014 she was struck hard on the side of the face intentionally by a student with a soccer ball. The incident triggered syringomyelia, cysts in the spinal cord, to activate and has caused issues at the base of her brain with CSF flow and possible instability where her skull meets her spine.

This has caused so many issues for her, including chronic pain, motor and sensory issues, chronic vertigo and nausea. This will continue to progressively get worse unless she gets this surgery, and other surgeries, for this condition. The surgery is designed to alleviate the pressure on the base of her brain, and to investigate the cervicocranial junction for instability (and fix it if necessary- this may take a couple of surgeries).

This is her only chance to halt progression of her symptoms for now and hopefully get some quality of life back. We have a brilliant team of  solicitor and barrister who have exhausted all options. Our only choice now is to appeal to the Supreme Court or pay for it ourselves, which is the cheaper option.  And unfortunately, timing is essential before the damage is too far gone.