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Our beautiful Jessica was involved in a freak & serious accident on Saturday 16th of December which has left her with extensive & severe injuries; 2 serious haemorrages to her brain, a large fracture to her C2 vertibrae connecting to her spinal cord, & breaks to her sternum, rib & wrist.  She has been in a medically induced coma ever since & will be woken over the coming days when we will be able to learn more of the full extent of her damages. As we learn more I will continue to update details here. We are blessed to live in country with an incredible health care system & so far, Jessica’s medical expenses have been covered by Medicare however, there will be a long road of recovery, rehabilitation & loss of income expenses for Jessica along with her incredible boyfriend Allan who is not working to stay by her side & care for her, & her beautiful family who are all from interstate & are currently all in hotels on the Gold Coast. Any help to alleviate the financial stress on her loved ones at this difficult time would be so hugely appreciated, no amount is too small. I will update on Jessica’s condition & more on what the funds will need to be used for as soon as possible to do so. Thank you so much in advance for supporting our incredible girl through this difficult journey xx