Donation to Help Carl beat his 16.5 year fight with Cancer

In December we asked friends to send Carl prayers and positive energy as he fought for his life in intensive care. Despite the doctors asking us to prepare for the worst, he pulled through and returned home for Christmas. The support we received from friends at this time was phenomenal, we believed it played a big part in turning Carl around, not to mention giving us all wings to stand upon in a time of darkness.

Now we ask for your help again. Carl is back in hospital due to immobility in his legs caused by tumours on the spine.Carl’s mum Caroline has given up work to care for Carl and her loss of income is a major financial setback. Now Carl needs items required to care for him at home including a reclining chair, a wheelchair, the installation of wheelchair ramps and other mobility aids.

So we ask you to please help our family with whatever you can spare, so that we can reduce the stress around finances and focus on giving Carl the support needed to assist him in being comfortable, and in ultimately beating the cancer for good. It doesn’t need to be much because there are so many of you and every little bit counts.

Thank you for all your love and good vibes, keep doing what you’re doing.

Love from the Waters family x

Here is a brief history of Carl’s 16.5 year battle with cancer:

Carl was first diagnosed with germ cell cancer at the age of 18 in 2000. He battled it and went into remission three years later. In 2008 the cancer returned and he underwent chemo, radiotherapy and two painful and invasive operations to locate and remove the cancer. He remained stable for the next six years, sometimes well, happy and active, and at other times unwell and uncertain of his future.

In 2016 Carl received treatment and underwent operations to tumours on his spine including a laminectomy from T5 to T10 and radiation. He was told by doctors in October that he only had months to live. At the end of 2016 he started Keytruda immunotherapy, his only hope, only to reach a new low in his 16 year battle with cancer when he was admitted to RNS with pneumonia in December. Despite all odds against him, he turned around, his doctors hailing him ‘a fighter’.

Right now, tumours on the spine are affecting his ability to walk. He has completed immunotherapy treatment and is waiting for it to start taking effect (everybody pray please!). He also had chemo last week. The family are pushing for spinal surgery. We are also looking into alternative therapies.

He is currently admitted to the ocology ward at RNSH, where he is waiting to be transferred to the palliative care unit at Greenwich on Monday. We are hoping he’ll return to the family home once mobility aids are installed.

Bottom line, Carl is a fighter. He will keep going ’til he beats this thing.

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