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Hi, I’m Sarah and Anabela is my beautiful 4yr old daughter, she is happy and full of love, light and life. She is my hero. 

Anabela needs to get to Boston to further evaluate a rare congenital heart anomaly, ultimately requiring life threatening surgery.

Sadly for us, (me and her) this trip is a costly expense to get her there and with her other complex and costly pre-existing medical issues, money is a hard thing to come across for a single mum like me.

This surgery has not been performed on a child in Australia. This is why I am seeking your support. 

This heart anomaly is a missplaced artery known as an Aberrant Right Subclavian Artery. This artery is trapped between Anabela’s spine, esophagus and trachea.

This artery is compressing and pulsating on both her esophagus (food tube) and trachea (airway) this, in turn ends up choking her and rendering her unable to swallow and breath, on a regular basis and has been monitored by Sydney Children’s Hospital. 

How soon do we need to go?

ASAP. I have been asked today 20th June 2018 via email to have Anabela in Boston for procedure’s by end August 2018 (before the American Winter really starts to hit)  I need to organize and obtain our passports, visas and return flights.

Anabela will start kindergarten next year and I would like her first year at school as minimally interrupted by surgical procedures as possible. 

Boston’s Medical bills must be paid upfront and before admission and I aim for full payment to be made by end of July 2018.

Any substantial financial contribution can be made directly to the hospital if that option best suits you and I can forward you the appropriate invoices.

Insurance will not pay or contribute to this medical expense as Anabela’s long list of congenital conditions void her.

I am not eligible for a loan as I receive a carers’ pension due to Anabela’s need for ongoing fulltime care.

A list of expected expenses are as follows.

• USD$30,000 – 3D Ct Angiogram, Endoscopy and Bronoscopy, including the room, surgical procedure, anesthesia, drugs, labs, radiology and recovery.
• USD$10,000 – backup for unforeseen procedure’s such as echocardiography, x-rays, pathology and laboratory tests and clinic visits.
• AUD$7,500 – Air fares to, and living expenses while in Boston
• AUD$5,000 – go fund me fees

At the current exchange rates I need to raise approx AUD$65,500.

Why am I asking for your help?

My only form of income is a fortnightly carers’ pension which provides Anabela and I with everything we need, and in fact we manage quite well on this budget, though we don’t have money left over to save.

I do not own a home to sell. We had to be relocated through NSW housing when Anabela was just 22 months old, over 100km away from family and friends so we could be close to Sydney Children’s Hospital, and we are extremely fortunate to be housed by NSW Housing.

AUD$65,500 – is a lot of money. 

These expenses are all significant and necessary and I cannot obtain these funds for my beautiful daughter in any way other than to ask for your help to make this all possible and it goes without saying as to how grateful I would be if you were able to help with these expenses.

Thanks for reading.

If you’d like to help get Anabela to America, any donation you can spare, no matter how small, would put her that step closer to saving her life.

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