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Brock has been fighting Autoimmune Hepatitis and Nephrotic Syndrome for 10 years and he is the ONLY ONE in the world with both these conditions we are currently away from our family and are in hospital in Sydney trying to get a second opinion..

I am Brocks mum and we need help. Brock was born at 27 weeks so his life has always been such a fight.. Out of every month we are lucky for Brock to be “normal” for between 6-10 days.. We also need to buy Brock a hospital bed so when Brock is filling with fluid he can have the bed raised so he is comfortable… We will also use the funds to travel back and forth to Sydney for treatment as QLD won’t cover the cost… At the moment we have been down here for 3 weeks today and will be here a few more…
Please help us to raise the funds to help this little fighter

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