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Helping People with Special Needs via Animal Interaction

A voluntary non-for-profit group dedicated to helping people with disabilities, mental health conditions, people with dementia and people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Please take a minute to read this and understand why we desperately need your help!

As a non for profit group with no ongoing funding, we welcome any sponsorship or financial help or any kind of donations to the therapy group.

I write this on behalf of my coach who created this voluntary non-for-profit group, she is terminally ill
and runs this group almost single handed. To fully understand let me tell you about what she stands for and why she created such a group; once a lady living the prime of her life, having such a capacity for kindness and empathy was struck down by terminal illness. After her health started to ail she started a non-for-profit horse riding and vaulting group;

In her own words :

We run group therapy sessions for people with disabilities, mental health conditions, people with dementia and people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our goals are to develop abilities, friendships and enriched the lives of people living with disabilities. The Vaulting Team is a voluntary, non profit organisation which provides opportunities for people with disabilities, mental healthissues and people with dementia to engage in safe therapeutic equestrian vaulting activities in Victoria.”
“This fun activity for all ages promotes co-ordination, balance, physical health, self esteem, the ability to work in a team and lifelong friendships all linked by the overwhelming love and trust of a horse.

Unfortunately our coach had most of her equipment stolen and due to external factors the stables lost the property we were running the therapy from. As the insurance costs became more, our coach began paying out of her own pocket, combined with health issues her money became less and less.

She’s a struggler and a battler!, she has a heart of gold and puts her horses and us students before herself without a thought, and she is an amazing person and an idol to all of us from the youngest to the oldest she has been such an amazing inspiration to us all.

Unfortunately there is not enough funding for special need kids and animals in Victoria.

I must say without divulging to much confidential information she is really ill, needing aids to get around, barely being able to stand for any lengthy time, her car has recently been very problematic and the stables horse float has also recently broke.(see photos at bottom of screen).

When I came to these Stables she cared for me and my needs, a few times I had been upset and she talked with me through my problems, I found out about how ill she is and how she lives – I felt so helpless, I don’t have money to give her, I have not a house of my own to let her live in, I don’t have the skills to help her and I cannot reclaim all that was stolen from her.

(One of my first rides and for that instant I forgot all my problems and I found myself enjoying life)
I want her to feel that happiness I felt, life shouldn’t be sorrowful, it should be filled with memories and happiness.


Because whether she is in chemo or has problems breathing she will still be there every day if we need her, she will talk with us on the phone when we have minor things going on, compared to her illness without undermining our problems, but guiding us to a better state.
I want her to see how she has help us before she leaves this world. She has never hurt anyone in life and doesn’t deserve all these problems, she deserves happiness, and if I could; I would give her my happiness, even if it meant I could never feel happiness again.

The property she rents in outer Geelong is not sufficient, after she lost the original property (no fault of her own). She has dreams of building an indoor centre for us and move towards Bannockburn and to reach out to help more kids with disabilities, but those dreams are consistently getting further away.

She has recently said she might not be able to continue due to lack of funds.

So please help us help her!

She has no idea about this mission to help her and I hope if we raise enough and give it to her it will help her and surprise her, while showing her how valued she is and to keep this group going.

She is extremely modest and hates people making a fuss, but she needs our support!, she has given more than anyone should EVER have too and gone through more than anyone should EVER go through.
Although she actively aviods getting her photo taken she an absolute angle with a fantastically large attitude to life.

If you would like to know more please contact me, I can’t disclose very sensitive things but trust me when I say she deserves so much more then what life has given her!

She’s a TRUE HERO!

I myself have had mental and social problems , she has helped me, yet I have only known her for less than a year.

All money raised goes to the charity! We will try to keep you updated when possible and when we finally give it all to her!.

We help people with all types and levels of disability. Vaulting is can beneficial to people with;
-Attention Deficit Disorder, 
-Intellectual Disability, 
-Cerebral Palsy, 
-Down Syndrome, 
-Hearing impairments, 
-Vision impairment, 
-Multiple sclerosis, 
-Emotional disturbances, 
-Post traumatic Shock disorder, 
-Muscular Dystrophy, 
-Spina Bifida, 
-Acquired Brain Injury, 
-Substance addiction
-and any other condition that would benefit from building strength, fitness, increasing co ordination, developing self awareness, developing empathy and having fun. Therapeutic or interactive vaulting is also used as an activity for children and adults of all ages who may have challenges with balance, attention, gross motor skill, confidence or social deficits.”

From all of us at the stables!


Our broken float…

Thank you so much if you choose to help!

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