Why we’re different


A true non-bank lender, leading with solutions to suit the current and future needs of the clients, serviced jointly through highly skilled mortgage brokers and Mortgage Ezy staff

At Mortgage Ezy, we tailor home loan solutions; through our business partners, we deliver a way to fulfil people’s dreams. Not only do we make loans more affordable and accessible to the Australian public, we are changing the parameters of the home loan industry. We push boundaries to make the market more competitive and pass on the benefits to the customer. We are successful because we are prepared to be different taking advantage of special opportunities and believe boundaries do not exist where there is motivation and passion. Mortgage Ezy has a unique ability to source opportunities by identifying target markets and being decisive about how to allocate resources where others normally wouldn’t. When an opportunity arises Mortgage Ezy seizes it because of our solid foundations and large resources.

Mortgage Ezy commits to strategy backed by training, operations, regular maintenance and constant evaluation, always adapting to suit both market changes and customer needs. By setting objectives that are both quantifiable and measurable, we seek continued growth through constant improvement.

Unlike mainstream lenders, Mortgage Ezy can adapt to changing market conditions and fluctuating interest rates. Banks often work to a rigid criteria that doesn’t allow them to alter policies or procedures, whereas Mortgage Ezy can adjust policies, procedures and strategies almost immediately when required allowing flexibility to quickly adapt to external market shifts.