Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is Mortgage Ezy?
Mortgage Ezy is one of Australia’s leading mortgage managers – providing property owners and investors with a genuine alternative to the ‘big four’. We were founded in 2001 and distribute our award-winning products and solutions exclusively through mortgage brokers.

2. What loans does Mortgage Ezy offer?
We’re very proud of the range of products we can offer at Mortgage Ezy. From first-home buyers and next-home buyers, to investors and non-residents – we have sourced marketing-leading products to suit just about any home loan requirement.

3. Why should I use Mortgage Ezy?
Mortgage Ezy offers a genuine alternative to the ‘big four’ for home loans. From our beginnings in 2001 we challenged the status quo by providing affordable funding through our network of accredited mortgage brokers – providing customised, fully featured loans at low rates. We’re passionate about what we do, and treat everyone as an individual not just a number.

4. What is the maximum interest rate charged by Mortgage Ezy?
The interest rates on our home loans vary and have different qualifying criteria. This means that the rates that are available to you depend on your individual circumstances. The highest rate in our range of products is currently 8.95% – however the majority of our customers are able to access loans at much lower market-leading rates.