Company Culture


“To have a clear sense of Cultural Identity, we must know who we are and be an individual not like any other”
Peter James | Group Executive Chairman

Mortgage Ezy’s company culture is unique. The company capitalises on the strengths and talents of each individual to ensure the team stretches beyond self imposed limits. We are a weird bunch from a wide variety of backgrounds working together as a democracy.

We have achieved differentiation and a stable team by finding and retaining committed, responsible, free-thinking, responsive, energetic and forward planning people. Attitude and the processes that foster the Mortgage Ezy ethos are not inherited, they are developed through a living breathing culture developed through effective communication, training and continual demonstration.

Mortgage Ezy does not care where you’ve come from or what you say you’ve done in the past. Here it’s about where you’re going and what you’re doing right now. It does take a special breed of cat to work at Mortgage Ezy. Our people thrive in a learning environment and overwhelmingly when staff were asked what was the best thing about working at Mortgage Ezy was, they responded Opportunities for learning and also Personal Development.

Apart from strong brand recognition, opportunities and locations, the main attraction and retention of the Mortgage Ezy people is the unique and special vibe it exudes. Once an interviewee walks in the door, they are often touched by the culture. Surrounded by inspirational leaders, diverse, professional and ethical goal orientated people; they find it difficult to conceive of being in any other work environment.