After devoting my life to wealth creation for my clients in the Financial Planning Industry, it was a natural progression in the mid 1990’s to incorporate Mortgage Brokering into our distribution network. We offered the best products available at the time from the banks to more than sixty of our Financial Planners and unfortunately became frustrated that there were no products available for those wishing to buy multiple investment properties or simply reduce their debt rapidly. We imagined the best mortgage service provider and in that moment, March 2001, the dream of Mortgage Ezy was born.

Peter James | Group Executive Chairman

Mortgage Ezy is an innovative National Non-Bank Lender with a true understanding of individuality. Mortgage Ezy achieves its goals as a company by helping other people achieve theirs. Flexible enough to adapt quickly to external market shifts, Mortgage Ezy is a resilient organisation which remains steadfastly focused on and aligned to a coherent business strategy.

Exceeding even our own aggressive forecasts, Mortgage Ezy is an efficient organisation which leverages its scale masterfully by processing over 2 billion dollars of loans annually. When a challenge arises, Mortgage Ezy distinguishes itself in response, which is immediate, thorough and constructive. Complementing Mortgage Ezy’s demonstrated ability to turn on a dime is the underlying understanding that everyone knows their roles and implements them diligently, creating the overall effect of fluid and consistent execution.

As a FinTech, Mortgage Ezy continues to disrupt the market with cutting edge technology and today is one of the most recognisable Non-Bank Mortgage Management brands in Australia. The company was founded by Peter James and incorporated in 1994. The company’s name was changed in the year 2001 to reflect its focus on mortgage origination and management.

The company has received multiple accolades from inception most notably as a 3 time winner of the prestigious BRW Fast 100 Award from 2005 to 2007, then in 2011 the company was recognised by the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia, the peak industry body, as the Mortgage Manager of the Year then being bestowed the Non Major Lender Award for NSW, ACT, SA and NT against huge banks such as Macquarie, St George and Suncorp which was a highlight in 2016. Winning the Australian Lending Award for the Best Non-Bank in 2016, this was repeated in 2017 which was a huge achievement. Recently rewarded as the SMSF Lender of 2022 by The Adviser was exceptional given that its peers were much larger enterprises and this type of business now accounts for a third of the Company’s volume of loans.

In over two decades of business excellence the company continues to operate as one of the few remaining Independent Mortgage Managers exclusively committed to origination through Professional Mortgage Brokers.

Mortgage Ezy attracts motivated team players and offers them not only a stimulating work environment, but the resources and authority necessary to solve complex problems. There is an adventurous attitude which lures intellect and initiative smart people with an entrepreneurial bent. Mortgage Ezy is a no-holds-barred environment in which our people can take an idea and run with it often creating brilliant, breakout strategic moves.

Although Mortgage Ezy is in very good working order we are not complacent, rather we are constantly scanning the horizon for the next competitive market innovation to deliver highly competitive and tailored mortgage solutions to real world customers. A passionate advocate for consumer rights, Mortgage Ezy is dedicated to cutting through the red tape.